Grose Misconduct

Grose Misconduct The Musical

May 29, 2022 Andrew Grose & Carole McIlvride Grose Season 4 Episode 11
Grose Misconduct
Grose Misconduct The Musical
Show Notes

In this episode: 

  • Mike’s Rewind
  • West Jet again
  • Joe’s Fact Check 
  • Listener Questions, Comments & Reviews
  • Dashcam
  • Michelle’s Random Thought – Dogs
  • Dick of the Week – Donna in T-Mobile store
  • Dumbass – Las Vegas anthem singer in 1994
  • Asshole – Racist bar owners
  • Loser – Neo-Nazi lives with his parents
  • Idiot – Guy heckles wrong rally
  • Shaddup – Food court employee won’t give out number
  • Crazy – Boo pooped on Johnny’s bed
  • WTF – Planet Fitness rule about water bottle
  • Michelle’s Random Thought – Potholes
  • Checking in with the Politicians – Kenney & Trudeau
  • RIP Truman
  • What Does Kevin Think? – Greatest singer of all time
  • The Doctor’s Office – Greatest singer of all time
  • How Smart is Carole? – 18th Century Notables
  • The Big Blue Folder – Lady in monkey enclosure & CBC Calgary
  • Hunter’s hippo adventure
  • We get played out by Deano Valley

This episode of Grose Misconduct was sponsored by Crystal Glass, Todd’s Mechanical, Leading Edge Physiotherapy, South Central Dentistry, Ol’ MacDonald’s Resort, Meathead Butcher Shop and The Edmonton Comedy Festival.

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