Grose Misconduct

We Can See the Finish Line

November 23, 2022 Andrew Grose & Carole McIlvride Grose Season 4 Episode 25
Grose Misconduct
We Can See the Finish Line
Show Notes

In this episode: 

  • Mike’s Rewind  
  • Angry Angry Andrew – Out of gas!  
  • Joe’s Fact Check   
  • Listener Questions, Comments & Reviews  
  • Michelle’s Random Thought – Feeling old  
  • Dick of the Week – Guy doesn’t like woman breast feeding  
  • WTF – Woman wants help with her computer at 3:30 a.m.   
  • Asshole – Woman enters wrong address for her Uber ride  
  • Crazy – Trump supporter thinks Biden is actually James Woods   
  • Idiot – Woman says she has a legal right to film in a post office  
  • Shaddup – Heckler at Uncle Vinnies Comedy Club  
  • Dumbass – Woman in washroom demands to know how someone identifies  
  • Freak-Out – Woman is asked to get off an American Airlines flight  
  • Checking in with the Politicians – Herschel Walker  
  • What Does Kevin Think? – Working rigs vs. running a campground  
  • The Doctor’s Office – Healthcare… how’s it going?   
  • Hallmark Christmas Movies  
  • How Smart is Carole? – Before They Were Authors  
  • The Big Blue Folder  
  • We get played out by The Holderness Family   

This episode of Grose Misconduct was sponsored by Crystal Glass, Todd’s Mechanical, Leading Edge Physiotherapy, South Central Dentistry, Ol’ MacDonald’s Resort, Arena Auto Service, Meathead Butcher Shop, The Twin Otter Neighbourhood Pub and The Edmonton Comedy Festival. 

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