Grose Misconduct

Out of Africa

March 07, 2023 Andrew Grose & Carole McIlvride Grose Season 5 Episode 7
Grose Misconduct
Out of Africa
Show Notes

In this episode: 

  • Mike’s Rewind  
  • Happy, Happy, Andrew – 30th Anniversary  
  • Angry, Angry Andrew - Travel Woes  
  • Joe’s Fact Check   
  • Listener Questions, Comments & Reviews  
  • Michelle’s Random Thought – BC Drivers  
  • Dick of the Week – Guy ordering a McChicken  
  • Karen of the Week – Male Karen at Dunkin Donuts  
  • Asshole of the Week – Woman in Alberta wants parking spot  
  • Freak-Out of the week – Woman freaks out after fiancé dumps her on a plane  
  • Dumbass of the Week – Woman confronts Hell’s Angels in Maine   
  • Carole’s New Car!!!  
  • What Does Kevin Think? – Has Kevin ever considered running for office?  
  • The Doctor’s Office – Is there a good over the counter cream or ointment to remove wrinkles?  
  • How Smart is Carole? – African Countries  
  • The Big Blue Folder   
  • We get played out by David Lopez  

This episode of Grose Misconduct was sponsored by Crystal Glass, Todd’s Mechanical, Leading Edge Physiotherapy, Ol’ MacDonald’s Resort, Arena Auto Service, Meathead Butcher Shop, The Twin Otter Neighbourhood Pub and The Edmonton Comedy Festival.

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