Grose Misconduct

The Paper Anniversary Show

April 21, 2021 Andrew Grose & Carole McIlvride Grose Season 2 Episode 16
Grose Misconduct
The Paper Anniversary Show
Show Notes

In this episode:

  • Andrew’s Rant – Edmonton street cleaning
  • Mike’s Rewind
  • Rogers network goes down
  • Joe’s Fact Check
  • News from Epcor
  • Listener Questions, Comments & Reviews
  • Suggestions for the Best Of episode
  • The small talker & the postal lady
  • Dick of the Week – Larry Heather & a Karen
  • Dickovidiot – Karen Bell in Texas
  • You’re a Covidiot – A Gym owner and a police officer
  • Checking in with the Politicians – President Biden, Congressman Comer, Congressman Jordan, Conservative leader Erin O'Toole, Prime Minister Trudeau & Premier Kenney
  • What Does Kevin Think? – His favorite segment 
  • The Doctor’s Office with Doctor Tony – His favorite episode
  • How Smart Is Carole? – Agriculture
  • The Big Blue Folder – Ikea Employee
  • Broadway actor Lin-Manuel Miranda plays us out 

This episode of Grose Misconduct was sponsored by Crystal Glass, Todd’s Mechanical, Leading Edge Physiotherapy, South Central Dentistry, Ol’ MacDonald’s Resort, and The Edmonton Comedy Festival.

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