Grose Misconduct

While the Cat’s Away…

September 15, 2021 Andrew Grose & Carole McIlvride Grose Season 3 Episode 10
Grose Misconduct
While the Cat’s Away…
Show Notes

In this episode:

  • Mike’s Rewind
  • Angry Angry Andrew - Boston Pizza
  • Joe’s Fact Check 
  • Listener Questions, Comments & Reviews
  • Videostream for Chromecast
  • The Other Tree
  • Dick of the Week – Woman in Burlington argues with census worker
  • WTF Moment – Kansas Schoolboard QAnon mom
  • BONUS: Virginia Schoolboard gets pranked
  • You’re a Covidiot – Sprayer Parts Warehouse guy
  • BONUS: Angry Nurse
  • Asshole of the week – Guy switches seats on a plane
  • Checking in with the Politicians – Leadership Debate and Tyler Shandro
  • What Does Kevin Think? – Vaccine Passports
  • The Doctor’s Office with Doctor Tony – Triple vaxing
  • Hunter's Big Business Idea - BBQ Socks and Peace Signs
  • How Smart Is Carole? – British Names
  • The Big Blue Folder – Amazon Driver & Job Interview
  • We get played out by Chris Mann 

This episode of Grose Misconduct was sponsored by Crystal Glass, Todd’s Mechanical, Leading Edge Physiotherapy, South Central Dentistry, Ol’ MacDonald’s Resort and The Edmonton Comedy Festival.

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